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Lisa and Brian 6-20-08

This was the most recent wedding we photographed. Funny enough, Lisa was one of the first people to contact us when we were just getting our wedding business up and running. We were really happy that we had the opportunity to photograph their wedding, they are wonderful people and it was a truly great event. They had their wedding at the Antique Rose Emporium, a location Joanna and I had considered for our own wedding actually. It’s a very beautiful location with a great gazebo for the ceremony and really good reception facilities. It doesn’t hurt that it smells great thanks to being smack dab in the middle of a giant rose garden!


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Rosie and Roland 6-19-2008

Rosie and Roland were a wonderful couple who had a beautiful ceremony and reception at The Oasis in Austin. The Oasis has finally finished rebuilding after the fire on their decks several years ago and its better than ever now! It was a really fun wedding and they did everything with style…Rosie arrived in a Rolls-Royce, they toasted with Dom Perignon, the ceremony overlooked the lake, it was great!

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Heather and David 6-18-08

As promised, here is one of the weddings we did recently. Heather and David were a wonderful couple who had a great ceremony at a little chapel out near Kerrville. We actually had to drive over at least 2 low water crossings and a dirt road to get there, it was awesome and a GREAT little place! They then had an open air reception out in the hill country at a wonderful, quaint hall on top of a hill. It was a great evening and extremely fun as I’m sure you can tell from the pictures!

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Updates to the Blog! 6-18-08

So, I’ve been VERY bad about updating the blog recently. I have 3 weddings that I’m going to be adding to this space within the next week. Obviously they didn’t all happen at once, but thats how its going to look when I add them in relatively rapid succession. Also, the post before this one is now outdated, we revamped the wedding pricing again in hopes that our services would be more attainable by those who are interested in booking us.

Please forgive me for my lapse in blog updating, I blame a busy life! We’ve had a lot going on over the past months. My cousin and his wife had a beautiful baby named Mia. We also got a new addition to our own family, a little kitten named Ellie!

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