Articles at Shutter Snap Studios 11-15-07

November 15, 2007 at 2:39 pm 1 comment

I’ve added an articles side to the Shutter Snap Studios website. You can find it HERE It is geared more towards photographers who might just be starting out or looking for an opinion on common areas of debate, like RAW vs. Jpeg, or what camera to get etc. The article I’m most proud of however is the one about modifying the Vivitar 285HV flash to add a mono jack to it. Check it out HERE This allows you to easily plug it into pocket wizards or other radio slaves as well as to easily sync it up with a 580ex with a similar modification. This modification was a big deal when it became readily available for the 580ex online and I think doing this to a 285HV would give you a good affordable companion to a 580. Think about this: you are shooting the formals after a wedding and want to use two lights. Well, put your 580ex up on a lightstand connected to an extended off camera shoe cord (I’ll write an article on how to do that soon too, but its really easy…just pick up some Cat-5 cable if I remember right). Then connect it with a 1/8 in. mono cable to a vivitar 285hv on the other side. You now have reliable lighting and you don’t have to worry about it being triggered by wedding guests camera flashes, or being less effective because its too bright outside for an optical slave to work well. Just remember to keep the cables as clean as possible, you don’t want to have to test out your liability insurance. Also, I’m sure you can find a use for it inside at a reception, or for many other aspects of wedding photography. I use it a good bit also for portrait photography and for taking pictures of small stuff for commercial photography. The pictures of Babe that you saw below are a product of using this system as well. It is really quite nice to have this option!


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