Drop down menus! 10-10-07

October 10, 2007 at 5:58 am 1 comment

Last night I overhauled the site navigation on my website and I am very excited about it! Previously we had buttons across the top under the banner logo. It worked decently but was a bit confusing since the buttons changed places depending on what page you were on. They had to be different since I couldn’t possibly fit all of them across in one big row and putting them elsewhere on the page didn’t fit with what I wanted the site to look like either.

All of that is over now though. We now have a spiffy new drop down menu navigation using css and javascript. I didn’t write the code myself, I got it from here. As you can see, the new navigation system actually makes sense and looks the same on all the pages! It also allowed me to slim the site down by taking out a couple of placeholder pages such as a parent gallery page that just had links to the actual galleries themselves. Also, the navigation menu is friendly to the search engine spiders which is important. It took me maybe 2 hours from start to finish to get done on the whole site, which in my world is virtually painless when it comes to working on the website!

You have to realize, I made my website myself and learned completely as I went. Previous attempts to make a website ended with a solid page of red after an hour and me giving up. Getting the website to where it is today is something I’m VERY proud of! Sure, it’s not as hip and flash filled as a lot of websites out there, but I think its clean, simple, and nice looking. Also, it has no music, a BIG deal to me. I literally scream at my computer when sites load music without asking me if its ok!

I also wanted to mention that on Saturday we have a session with a really fun couple, look forward to seeing some pictures from it soon. Also, in the past week or two I’ve found out about 3 different friends getting engaged, so congratulations to them! Last, but not least, thank you to my parents for the comments they recently posted. They have always been extremely supportive of me in all the things I have done and I love them very much. There’s a photo of them below!

photo of my parents


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